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At the Camella Prima Butuan, you’ll not only get an elegant home but you’ll get a whole lot of other facilities and amenities that your kids and whole family will surely enjoy. These facilities and amenities are commonly found in most, if not all the Camella home development projects.

In this well-planned 38-hectare community, you’ll love going home and spending the weekend nowhere else. There are greeneries anywhere you look and there are also landscaped gardens that offer a serene and relaxing ambiance. Just imagine having a hard day at work and coming home to this relaxing place. It will truly rejuvenate and give you more energy for another day.

If you have kids, it’s normal to look for ways to entertain them after school, during weekends or holidays. If you live at the Camella Prima Butuan, you don’t have to go out to have some family bonding experience. You could take them for a swim or take them to the kids’ playground. For teens and adults, a basketball game with neighbors can be an exciting activity. Aside from that, if you have a small event or gathering, you might as well book it at the clubhouse.

Moreover, Camella makes security and safety as its primary offering to its residents. Who wants to worry daily about burglars and the possibility of criminals taking advantage of you? While you can’t have it 100 percent, the 24/7 security service inside Camella Prima Butuan is a good precautionary measure. Not to mention that it has a high-perimeter fence and a guarded entrance. The management of this community strives to protect its residents at all times as long as they are within its gates.

In addition, the Camella Prima Butuan has wide and lighted roads and streets that are easy to navigate even during rainy nights. You’ll also notice that the main road is lined with trees which are a good thing as they add to the relaxing ambiance. Additionally, there is a shuttle service that takes residents to and from the gates.

The facilities and amenities at the Camella Prima Butuan are comparable to many other high-end home development projects in major cities in the country. They are well-designed to last and made so that residents will feel privileged, pampered and safe.

  • Basketball Court
  • Landscaped Parks & Playground
  • Clubhouse
  • Swimming Pool
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